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ToonCamera – Cartoon Filming with your iPhone 4GS

If you have seen those TV commercials that have cartoon like people and wondered how they created those realistic looking toons then this is your lucky day! There’s an app for that! The ToonCamera app for your iPhone does a good job creating cartoon like images or video without the need for expensive editing programs. There are several modes from color to line (pen & ink) style. This app is easy to use then import into your iMovie for editing. This fun little app has many possibilities and turns the everyday into a bit more fun and exciting. This app has simple controls and does have its limits but for less than $1 (USD) you really can’t go wrong. Go ahead you know you want to be a cartoon character!!
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The following movie was shot using ToonCamera and iMovie both on the iPhone 4S

8mm Film made easy with iPhone!!

I found a fun little iPhone app and wanted to share.  This app lets you take video and make it vintage.  You can import or film straight from the app.  It allows you to choose different types of vintage film.  You can change the lighting to include center light, outer boarder, lens flare and others.  The controls are simple to use just swipe to change.  I think it has many fun uses.  I took it to the zoo for a fun walk around safari.  The only real issue I had was the control for shutter/flare is easy to touch and change while filming if you are not careful.  But if you want to have some fun this is an app I really like and had a lot of fun making the video part of this post.  Hope you enjoy my zoo safari!!

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<a href=’′>8mm Test Video</a>

Week 4 – MAC Post 1 – Reading

We each have the ability to light the spark of possibility.  The practice of enrollment is all about being inspired to participate and ignite the spark.  Being is the next practice as you become the board.  You are now what the game is being played on.  It is up to you to control and manipulate the game and transform your world.  It is important to remember you are not a piece playing the game you are the game board controlling how the game is played to make a difference.  Within each of us we have the ability to be a leader and build the framework of possibility.  Being a leader requires us live our life with differences.  Finally the “We” approach is not about I/you it is about connecting to others.

Week 4 – Publishing_Presentation Project

Sunday, October 23, 2011

t’s settled.  I want to publish something for music educators.  I’m going to shoot for MTNA’s e-journal.  I chose this publication because it seems like a blend of formal research and practical educator applications.  I also chose it because of the format.  The whole intent of the e-journal is to include more multi-media into the reader’s experience.  Past volumes have included links to the researchers’ blogs and videos.  I may be offer something unique in that my research was documented online through the Challenge Based-Research method.


MTNA also has a monthly teacher publication called “American Music Teacher”, which might also be for consideration.  It’s their well-established monthly magazine, which is not as research oriented.  Currently I am contacting the publishing director for more information about submission guidelines for the e-journal.  This may lead to a query letter for either publication to see if there’s any interest in the nature of my research.

Copyright Free Images from Morgue File, Dreamstine, and Microsoft Clip Art

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It is not only difficult to write the paper for publication but then finding one to publish it in.  I’m still trying to decide between 2 myself.  my paper is in need of some rework as it is a bit long.  I think your approach to talk with the director is a great idea.
Sunday, October 23, 2011 – 06:59 PM

Wk4 Publishing_Presentation Project
I have decided to publish about my Challenge Based Research project to the Journal of Computing in Higher Education. This publication really spoke to me in the questions that it asks when describing the types of things it explores. I was also drawn to the fact that it is geared towards higher education because the learners I work with are college level students. And, finally, this statement, I feel, is speaking directly to me: “Priority is given to the publication of rigorous, original manuscripts concerning research and integration of instructional technology in higher education.”

Publishing/Presentation Project Think-Out Loud Post 1

Publishing/Presentation Project Think-Out Loud Post 2

Document for Publishing
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Allen G said…


I like your CBR project because it something I use often in photography. I like the approach you used showing other how metadata is an important part of media. I think you picked a good place for your work to be published. Great work and I hope to see your publication soon!

October 23, 2011 6:35 PM

As I finish up this assignment I am looking at 2 publications. I still have a bit of cleanup to do before I can submit the paper. I want to go through it again maybe condense the reflection section a bit and put more detail into the conclusion. I think I need to add more technical information. I need to put more detail in the actual applications the group used. Then the steps taken to customize the vanilla interfaces. I then need to tie this back to community learning needs.

My lit review was based on adults but I could not find a group of adults so I used a youth group. So I also need to focus more on alternative learning for community not just adults in my findings. This should help tie back to my literature review. Both publications I’ve chose are more technical so that is why I think some changes will need to happen prior to submitting.

Link to my PPP Paper

Post 1 PPP Assignment

Post 2 PPP Assignment

iStopMotion – Still Images in Motion

I embark now on a new bit of photographic fun. Not only photo’s but video as well. I decided to play with iStopMotion. This was a very fun tool to use. The interface is simple and takes very little time to learn. Like those Claymation holiday movies this program creates a video from still frames. You position your character/object then snap an image. The program imports the file (if you have a web Camera/live view video camera you can see the image preview) then you move your character/object a little and take a picture. Repeat this process and your character comes to life.

The program has several tools to assist you like color correction and tilt shift controls. You can use a grid layout to help track motion. The program can also be use to capture time lapse photography. Additional tools like onion skin lets you overlay the current image over the previous on to insure you movement is fluid and not off. One of the other useful tools is the robo sync. You can for instance record an actor then use the footage to mimic the actors motion with the character/object. The program also comes with some preset foregrounds and backgrounds. Over all I say if you enjoy those old Claymation movies and want to create your own then you need to try iStopMotion.

Below is my first sample movie. I used iStopMotion then imported the project in After Effects to give it that night look and create the ghost. It was fun to make, hope to make another one soon! Thanks for reading!

iPhone 4S – My circle is now complete!

IT has arrived!!

Yes, that’s right, today (Oct 14th 2011) I was #1 in line at my local carrier. I got the store’s FIRST iPhone. I’ve only play a little but SIRI seems to work very well. I asked to add some appointments to my calendar…done. It was just as simple as they said. As for speed my 3G android and my 3G iPhone side by side. By the time android loaded the carrier home page the iPhone was 3 screens in. So far speed is A+ compared to android. Next I looked at signal. Inside the carrier store you would expect full bars, iPhone yes……android 2 bars(fail!)

All my apps from my iPad for iPhone were as expected simple and quick to sync. I had already setup iCloud so once I logged in, BAM!!, all my contacts were ready to go. I still have to sync up my iTunes but I have to say so far the device has been a breeze to setup and almost seamless to transfer my information over to. The only thing I really need to do now is get my main apps reloaded if there are versions of them for the iPhone.

Tonight I’ll play a little with the video camera and iMovie (iPhone edition) and see if I can get something together and posted back on this page. So far I have to say I do not regret getting rid of that P.O.S. android phone. I will never go back to android, too many issues and no resolutions! My circle is now complete (for now), iMAC, MACBook Pro, iPad, iPhone… Update – iPhone video posted below taken indoor with nothing but window lighting.

Lucy Loo Talks Back – Shot with iPhone 4s and no additional lighting

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Week 3 – MAC Post 4 – Catherine’s Blog

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MAC Week 3-Reading- Chapters 5-8

The information prior to chapter 5 in this book highlights the importance of

  1. 1.the manner in which we view our world (”we invent our own realities”)
  2. 2.our attitude toward and/or vision of ourselves and those we encounter (“unlimited pkg. of potential”)
  3. 3.taking action and believing it will lead to a successful outcome even if we’re not sure what that is before beginning to take action


Chapter 5  tells us the most effective leaders remember the power of  interdependence;  “a leader who feels like he is superior is likely to suppress the voices of the very people on whom he must rely to deliver his vision.” This reminded me about a button I used to wear that reads, “I Succeed by Helping Others Succeed.” The authors suggest this rings true for all leadership positions; I’m thinking especially for teachers.


Chapter 6 cuts to the heart of the correct attitude for facing any challenge. It’s simple message is one I’d surely like to resonate with me in difficult times. “Remember Rule Number Six!” Life is full of trials but if we can remember to “stop taking ourselves so seriously” and approach each roadblock as a learning opportunity realizing we will not only make it through but will be better off for it.


Chapter 7 defines the struggle between our “Calculating Self” and our “Central Self” By being present to the way things are, facing the negative without resistance, and acknowledging our feelings about it, we can dissolve it’s hold on us. Then we’re empowered with an entire set of possibilities. We can leave the struggle and come to terms with what lies ahead; move on.


Chapter 8 highlights the power of passion. The authors encourage us to recognize areas where we might want to hold back as defining moments where we’ll chose to miss-out and fail or “Fully Engage!” as Rio (last month’s Course Director) would say, in order to get as much success out of every experience as we can.

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I liked the reading this week.  Peer learning and teaching and the advantages was great.  I also like the lighten up section.  I know a lot of people who could lighten up a bit and not take things to serious.  Leave things as they are was interesting, embrace thing don’t try to change them.  The last section about passion was great but I think people also need to realize that they still need to lighten up.  I have enjoyed this book so far, finding time to read it has been the challenge!


Where to go with this project?  I’ve had trouble nailing down what I want to do.  In some ways, the creation of our CBR websites seems to take a chunk out of the prep work that’s normally part of presenting, making it an attractive option.  And… I still feel like there’s more that I’d like to do to round out the material on my website to make it more complete.  It would be good to invest my time in that.  I feel like the intro video on the Welcome page should be redone.  It would make more sense if I used it as an opportunity to explain my job.  (There’s half of my troubles!  My teaching position is kind of weird and I don’t know where I fit into the research world…am I music ed or technology in ed?)  At some point, I really feel like I should use that as an intro to teaching elementary music online, so that if other music educators are viewing it they will have a better sense of the environment.  I’ve also been meaning to create another video based on the students’ Voicethread assignment.  I want something to better illustrate what and how they were using the technology.


Despite all this rambling about the website, I have finally settled on trying to publish first.  Right now I’m glancing through published articles for some of my top journals.  I need to get an idea of the audience and style of writing.  If I go with a practical teacher-centered publication, I will have to get creative in how I present my research, so that it’s reader friendly and has a lot of practical application.


Ooo – wait!  I hadn’t seen MTNA’s online publication before.  Maybe this is the right place!  Music Teachers’ National Association has two publications “American Music Teacher” (super informal and practical) and their “MTNA e-journal” which is more research oriented.  I checked out a few volumes of their e-journal and it actually seems like a good balance of research & practical application.


I think I’m down with their mission statement.  As a professional organization they seem to be more concerned with teachers benefiting from research and dialogue than catering to the academic elite.


About MTNA:

“As an organization, MTNA prides itself on the wealth of resources available to members and non-members alike. The undisputed leader in empowering the music-teaching professional since 1876, MTNA works hard to ensure that a full spectrum of questions and answers, concerns, assets, partnerships and services are readily available and easily accessible for busy professionals.

Our goal is not only meet the expectations of music professionals, but to exceed them at every turn, and to anticipate new needs before they arise, keeping time with the industry advancements and changing technology of the music profession.”

Excerpt taken from:

Week 3 – Think Out Loud PPP

Sunday, October 16, 2011

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I find myself in a similar situation as my project is community education.  I looked at several last time and found 2 possible but not sure.  I decided that I would proceed the way I want my project to go and not worry about if they would take it or not.  I’m not sure how much time I’ll have this week.  The last 2 weeks have been crazy and so will the next 2…  good luck I know you’ll have a great presentation!!