As I finish up this assignment I am looking at 2 publications. I still have a bit of cleanup to do before I can submit the paper. I want to go through it again maybe condense the reflection section a bit and put more detail into the conclusion. I think I need to add more technical information. I need to put more detail in the actual applications the group used. Then the steps taken to customize the vanilla interfaces. I then need to tie this back to community learning needs.

My lit review was based on adults but I could not find a group of adults so I used a youth group. So I also need to focus more on alternative learning for community not just adults in my findings. This should help tie back to my literature review. Both publications I’ve chose are more technical so that is why I think some changes will need to happen prior to submitting.

Link to my PPP Paper

Post 1 PPP Assignment

Post 2 PPP Assignment