When I started this blog I wanted to do something fun. I somehow lost interest over time and I sure that happens to everyone. But I want to do something that I can maintain. I like new gadgets and love testing them. I doubt I ever get picked to be a real reviewer or get those free items to review them but that should not stop me.simple.b-dis-png.h4621896b75431a4c9499334fb64c3247.pack

I found a new gadget I really like… No a group of object. So I am making a new run at keeping this blog going. I am not just going to review the product but my progress using it. So I purchased a FitBit Flex and FitBit WiFi scale.

First I wan to talk about the FitBit Flex activity band. I found it easy to use. It comes with a USB charger, 2 bands and the USB wireless dongle. You simply chard the device, install the sync software and then create your online profile. The flex is easy to use because you jus put it on and you are ready to go. Tap it twice to get your current status. Tap it quickly for about 2 seconds to put it in and out of sleep mode. You can at any time sync it to your PC/MAC using the wireless sync adapter or your smart phone.

The software sends your info to the online profile you create and give you the current stats. It tracks these daily so you can see where you are. It tracks your steps, distance and sleep. I have to say it is not always accurate just typing this I am most likely getting some steps in according to my flex but I think overall it will motivate the user to get up and move. It should also be noted that you can get different color bands for your flex.simple.b-dis-png.h90165c3211e4edcba5f3ffc6f98427ad.pack

The FitBit scale is the second gadget. It links through your WiFi Network and transmits your weight and body fat to your online profile. It will allow up to 8 different users. The operation is simple and is a great addition to your flex band. The scale is sleek and clean looking in black or white.

The online profile allows you to add friends and share info with them. You can share the number of steps, sleep, weight ect. The system has a dashboard that you can customize with different

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tiles. You set goals and you are awarded badges for meeting and exceeding your goals. In addition to the dashboard you have a log for food, sleep, activities, blood pressure, glucose levels and journal entries. This allows you to track your entire fitness goals in one simple program.

One thing many people want is a support system or a buddy to workout with. This is like a social media app and allows you to invite friends. You can congratulate your friends when the get badges or taunt them as you beat their goals. It creates a completive buddy system online or support system depending on how you use it. There are also groups you can join on this site so there are a lot of support systems in place to help you be more successful in your goals. The software is very user friendly overall.

So….no I am not a fitness person. In fact I have been told by my doc to loose weight, exercise and eat better. As a diabetic I struggle with this so I bought this to help me. So far in the month I have had this device I’ve kept on track. In fact I have gotten several badges for exceeding my goals. So this device is helping me a lot. I have decided to share some results this next year to help me keep going and may to get me to use my blog a bit more. So if you get a fitbit friend me and help me do better!